​RX Pool service

Here at RX Pool Service we take a great pride in what we do. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED. As part of our services we offer a Pool Cleaning Guarantee,Water Chemical Balance Guarantee  and  Algae Free Guarantee. 

Pool Cleaning Guarantee

If you find you are not satisfied with a pool cleaning just let us know promptly and we will re-clean it for free. Please be sure to tell us the day you had your cleaning or right away. This will help us identify potential causes and correct this for the future. 
Customers who have ongoing weekly service can expect we will correct any normal water balancing issues at no additional charge provided the swimming pool and equipment have been kept in proper working order and service has not been interrupted.

Chemical Water Balance Guarantee

Chemicals and chemical levels covered in this water balance guarantee include: chlorine,elimination of chloramines,pH,alkalinity and Salt if your pool had a working salt generator. Start up chemicals are excluded. Start up chemicals such as cyanuric acid ( also known as stabilizer or conditioner ) and calcium are necessary to convert tap water to water that can be balanced and maintain a chlorine level in a swimming pool. These chemicals are a subject to "creeping up" over the years as very small amounts of them are added along with regular chlorine use. If these start up chemicals creep up out of range your pool may require a full or partial water change since these chemicals can not typically be lowered in a reliable manner without a water change. If your pool water encounters this distortion we can give you a quote for the full or partial water change. If the water change is performed by a customer or another swimming pool service company and start up  chemicals are not added then RX Pool Service will quote the cost of adding the start up chemicals necessary that are not include in our regular weekly service programs. Total Disolved Solids (TDS) are excluded. A full or partial water change is also often needed every 2-4 years for impurities that will creep up over time. These impurities are an additional items (seperate from cyanuric acid and calcium ) often referred to as "Total Dissolved Solids" or TDS.

Algae Free Guarantee

We will correct any yellow,mustard,green algae issues at no additional charge provided the swimming pool and equipment have been kept in proper working order and are running the appropriate amount of time each day,there is not landscaping in the water, and service has not been interrupted . It is important that the customer keep their pool water level at a proper level for their pool equipment to be operational and that each pump is operated on an appropriate  amount of hours on a daily bases. Black algae is also guaranteed not to occur under normal circumstances. Exceptions to our Algae Free Guarantee for black algae include: worn plaster or other surface with pitting,certain natural stone waterfalls that do not have enough daily circulation or water flow to prevent growth,lack of sufficient daily circulation and filtration, and  pools with broken sanitation systems including in-line chlorinators or salt generators that are not functioning properly. Algae spores are constantly being introduced to swimming pools daily wether it would be from wind,rain,leaves etc. While no swimming pool company can guarantee this will never happen, what we can do is guarantee to resolve it for ongoing service customers free of charge. This guarantee means we will correct any algae issues free of charge provided they do not fall into one of the exceptions mentioned above.